Annual Pilgrimage December 3rd to 16th

Younge Khachab Rinpoche invites you to join him on the annual YDL pilgrimage through the Kathmandu Valley and the Maratika Cave in Nepal. A pilgrimage plays an important role in a practitioner's life and practice. The Tibetan for pilgrimage is 'kora', which means to circumambulate or to travel the path around a sacred place. Going on a pilgrimage allows you to immerse yourself in the blessings of the lineage and an opportunity to accumulate great merit through your practice. This experience is often transformative for those who travel the path.

This year Rinpoche will be visiting Boudhanath, Pharping, the Vajrayogini cave in Sankhu and the Maratika Cave. At each of the holy sites you will receive teachings and meditate with Rinpoche. While there will be a planned itinerary there is often free time for people to continue to explore on their own. We will try to locate room shares for those who are interested and travel arrangements during the pilgrimage are shared equally by all participants.


The pilgrimage with Rinpoche is unlike anything else I have ever experienced. It was challenging and rewarding.
David Perlman

These places, our practices while there, and insights I experienced during the trip had a profound impact on me, opening my mind and heart in ways I never imagined.
Karen Johnstone

The memories of the trip are still emerging in my mind, reminding me of the subtle connection with great yogis and yoginis of the past.
Jenya Antonova


Cost $800
$200 Deposit due by October 1, 2017
Everyone responsible for own airfare, food and lodging
The complete itinerary and travel dates are currently being finalized.
For more information please contact Greg Patenaude at:


  • Arrive Kathmandu, Nepal by December 3, 2017.
  • Tour Boudhanath, Pharping, Sanku and surrounding areas for a week.
  • Finish with five days in Maratika Cave, Nepal (travel arrangements to be made in Kathmandu).