One of the principal goals of the Younge Drodul Ling Sangha is to create an environment that is supportive for your practice; fostering discussion and further inquiry into the teachings. We are firmly rooted in the Rime tradition, following the example of our teacher, Younge Khachab Rinpoche. Rinpoche purposefully sought out and trained with masters from each of the Tibetan traditions and he generously shares his experience of these traditions with us as his students

Our intention is to create a learning program that continues that Rime spirit, which acknowledges and appreciates the distinct qualities of each of the Tibetan lineages while also clearing up uncertainty in one’s own practice. We seek to create a learning environment that is sustainable, that grows and deepens from generation to generation. The purpose of our program is to create well-trained practitioners who know how to do the practice and have a depth of knowledge necessary to confidently carry the practice into their life. We want to give practitioners the tools and resources necessary to continue to explore their individual path based on their own capacity, interest and connection to the teachings. These means provide the foundation needed for practitioners to engage in long-term solo or group retreats.

The forthcoming courses will challenge you to apply the teachings to your practice and your path. These courses are designed to clear away your doubts about the practice, confusion about the path, and allow you to see that the result is attainable in this life. We endeavor to connect you with authentic sources, enabling you to wade into the stream of the many great masters that have come before us, to get your own taste of the teachings and to discern their unique qualities.

Each of our courses is dynamic. They unfold out of the interactions that take place between the students, session leader and senior student. Each course is a little different and we pass the content created from one session onto the next, producing an ever evolving course.

We are all part of the living Younge practice tradition. ‘Younge’ meaning completely virtuous, was a family lineage of householders, yogis and mahasiddhas connected to the great Terton Younge Mingyur Dorje Drakpo Nudentsal. It is a practice lineage of ordinary men and women who relentlessly sought to carry on the tradition of accomplishment. We are fortunate to be able to receive the teachings and blessings of the great masters that have come before us, to be able to put these teachings into practice and to gain our own experience and understanding.

As students of Khachab Rinpoche, it is our responsibility to uphold this practice tradition, to keep it alive and carry it forward into the modern world where it can blossom and flourish.

By virtue of our merits,
May all beings everywhere,
Lonely and wandering on paths of distraction,
Feel the immense warmth and joy of this
completely virtuous (Younge) practice tradition.

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