Samye Translation Committee

Founded in 2012 by the Venerable Younge Khachab Rinpoche, the Samye Translation Committee is dedicated to the preservation and translation of practice and study materials for Rinpoche, Younge Drodul Ling and its students.

Translation Committee

Tenzin Bhuchung, Senior Translator
Dan McNamara, Translator
Greg Patenaude, Translator
Mauricio Salinas, Translator (English and Spanish)


The Samye Translation Committee is dedicated to producing quality translations and publications under the guidance of Younge Khachab Rinpoche.

Currently our projects include:

  • Younge Ngondro Special Edition
  • Sadhana preparation
  • Publication of the Essence of the Path Series: Part 1 and 2
  • Translation of Dzogchen kama and terma
  • Creating a Library of Tibetan and English materials


The STC seeks to establish an extensive digital collection of Tibetan works with the collaboration of the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center and other translation committees. We also look to acquire an extensive English Collection and Reference Library to aid in producing quality translations and supportive reference materials for Younge Drodul Ling and its students.

Our translation process

The Samye Translation Committee uses a step-wise process in producing its translations to ensure accuracy and integrity. This process is occurring between native English and Tibetan translators along with Rinpoche’s insight and guidance to ensure the meaning of the text is fully elucidated.

  1. Oral Transmission- Rinpoche gives the oral transmission of the text (Tib. rlung) and walks through the text with the translator.
  2. First Draft Translation
  3. Questions and Clarification with Rinpoche or other committee member
  4. Second Draft Translation with Editorial Review
  5. Senior Translator Review with Rinpoche or other committee member
  6. Final Draft


We are looking for motivated and self-directed learners who aspire to translate the Dharma.

The Samye Translation Committee is committed to the education and training of competent translators and knowledgeable dharma practitioners. The apprenticeship program is for students of all levels of experience, whether learning the Tibetan alphabet and pronunciation or refining your translation skills. We have defined three levels of training:

  • Basics- learning the alphabet, pronunciation, wylie system and building vocabulary
  • Intermediate- learning to type Tibetan, prepare Tibetan and phonetics for sadhanas, expand vocabulary and understand definitions, learn grammar modules, study older translations and check for errors, read Tibetan pechas
  • Advanced- translate, continue to expand knowledge of vocabulary, definitions and grammar, read Tibetan pechas
  • Immersion- under development, we seek to develop an immersion program for all translators to spend 6 months abroad immersed in the Tibetan language. The assistance of sponsors and educational grants will be key to this development.

At the Advanced Level of Apprenticeship, one would work on translations under the guidance of the senior translators. Once competence is ensured one would become a senior translator, continuing to teach and assist in the apprenticeship process.

The Samye Translation Committee will be establishing a glossary of common terms and preferred translations. The Samye glossary will include Tibetan, Sanskrit and English along with definitions and various standard translations. This will be available to all students whether or not they are interested in the Apprenticeship Program.


The Samye Translation Committee incurs a lot of expenses to produce its quality translations. Currently all the translators work on a volunteer basis, dedicating their time and effort to support Rinpoche and the students of Younge Drodul Ling. In the future the committee will be engaging in fundraising projects, seeking educational grants and looking for sponsors or donations for support.