Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy

Course Objectives:

  • Broad Overview: Gain an in-depth understanding of the diverse schools of thought that have shaped Buddhist philosophy over the centuries.
  • Foundational Knowledge: Build a solid foundation for further study and practice by exploring the historical contexts, key concepts, and philosophical debates that have contributed to the evolution of Buddhist thought and practice.
  • Critical Skills: Develop the ability to engage with complex philosophical ideas through the lenses of history, logic, and reason, enhancing both personal practice and intellectual inquiry.

Weekly Course Schedule

This course will be three months long with 60 minute lectures on Saturdays at 7am PT (9am CT) for three weeks out of every month. Student study groups will meet weekly on Sundays at 4pm PT (6pm CT) for additional questions and discussion. 

Starting June 8 through August 24

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Course Curriculum

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