Date & Time Details: Every Sunday from 6-7pm CT on Zoom.

Contact: Greg Patenaude

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DharmaWeb: Online Meditation Circle

With Greg Patenaude and Jon Dilley

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DharmaWeb is a free online meditation circle dedicated to practice and discussion in a supportive community of new and experienced Dharma practitioners. We offer meditation instruction, ongoing support, and genuine connection so that you can gain more confidence in your practice. Learn how to meditate correctly under the guidance of Younge Khachab Rinpoche and his senior students, ask questions to clarify your practice, and bring the insights of your practice into your daily life. We teach a variety of meditation techniques ranging from common shamatha meditation on the breath, to tonglen, tantra, tsa lung and Dzogchen.

What’s included:
Weekly online meditation sessions
Online collection of recorded meditation sessions
Online practice materials
Discussion forums

Join us every Sunday at 4pm Pacific Time (6pm CT) on Zoom.
Disclaimer: These conversations may be used in future courses and for our Dharma Conversations podcast.


Greg Patenaude
Greg is a Buddhist teacher, writer, and the director of YDL. For over a decade he has been sharing his wisdom and guidance through leading meditation groups, retreats, and online and in-person classes. His dedication to helping others is evident in his commitment to supporting and inspiring fellow practitioners in their own spiritual journey, as well as his ability to present the ancient traditions in a way that is accessible and relevant to modern life. Greg has practiced and studied the Dharma extensively under the guidance of his root teacher, Younge Khachab Rinpoche since 2004. Greg has received many teachings…
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Jon Dilley
Jon Dilley has been a  meditator since 1999. He met his Buddhist teacher, Younge Khachab Rinpoche in 2003. After building a firm relationship with Khachab Rinpoche, Jon was asked to teach meditation. Since then one of Jon’s aims has been to educate and foster meditation students wherever requested. Jon has received diverse teachings in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, including from His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. He has also received instructions on Zen and Theravada philosophy and meditation techniques. His more formal Buddhist education includes several Shedra (Buddhist University) courses. Jon regularly attends meditation retreats, including an annual ten-day long…
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